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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

San Francisco Skyline Free Blogger Template

San Francisco Skyline Blogger TemplateThis amazing San Francisco Skyline Free Blogger Template is a great addition to any up and coming blogger from the San Francisco area. The free blog template may only be two columns, but its clean layout, stunning header and blended colorscheme make this template one of the best free blogger templates going.

This great blogger template is easy to install and works on new and old versions of blogger. However if you do want this on your blogspot site remember to upload the images to your own server because this is one of the most popular blogger templates on the internet!

If you want to download this free San Francisco skyline blogger template click Here

Monday, 1 December 2008

One of the Best Free Blogger Templates for Christmas

This amazing three columned Christmas template is one of the best I have seen for the upcoming festive season. This is one of the best free Christmas blogger templates I have seen, featuring Santa next to a lush green Christmas tree.

As far as blogger templates go this free three columned blogger theme with a snowflake background helps bring people into the Christmas spirit. Its three columned layout and AdSense header space make this a great money making blogger template as well as looking perfect for those christmas bloggers!

This free christmas and santa themed blogger template is available to download free Here!

Monday, 17 November 2008

Dark Pink Flower Blogger Template

This fantastic two column free blogger template showing a bright pink flower on a black background sets an eyecatching contrast for your blog. I personally love this fantastic simple blogger template truely because of its simplicity and its loudness, the bright pink flower on a black background really catching the users attention and drawing them into your text, whether its personal or sales.

I use this stunning two column blogger template on blogs where I am looking to attract female visitors, since males are not gereally attracted by pink flowers, on many occasions though I have found this stunning free blogger template hold a lot of attarction and sales power for both sexes. Of course if you are not interested in selling a product this free blogger template still makes a great addition to your website, drawing people in to read about whatever you wish to talk about, with its dark mysterious header!

You Can Download this Free Blogger Template with a Pink Flower on a Black Background Here

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Wooden House Blogger Template

This great free Blogger template shows an old style wooden house with two opened windows. The theme is very low key and subdued making it good for maybe a property blog or a wilderness blog!

This is one of my favorite two column free blogger templates, its relaxing colours and non startling image make anything writter on it a pleasure to read

You can download this Wooden house themed blogger template Here

Monday, 10 November 2008

Bright Thanksgiving Blogger Template

This great free Thanks giving blogger template is a great addition to this site, the bright colors a true match to the festive season.

I love this theme simply because of the background, alternating before and after thanksgiving turkey, I cant help but smile when I see it on this blogger thanksgiving template!

You can download this great thanksgiving blogger template free here!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Maio Feminine Blogger Template

The Maio Blogger Template is a great feminine blogger template for the geek-chick.

Its dark pink and dark grey background give this blogger design a sleek, techy, suave and smart look. This gives any woman's blog an air of sophistication without losing touch with her own personality.

While I don't use this blogger template myself I would recommend this blog design to anyone who is looking for just a touch of femininity in their blog.

This blog is easy to install and has three columns, two on the left hand side providing great navigation and advertising space on your blog!

You can download the free blog template here!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Seasonal Christmas Blogger Template

This top seasonal Christmas blogger template is a fantastic simple christmas template option for your blogspot blog. Many people like to incorporate a seasonal template onto their blog and this one is simple clean and ideal for anyone who wants to get into the festive christmas spirit.

This simple two column christmas blogger template is easy to install and its minimalistic design with a great header image make it perfect for many bloggers looking for a festive blogger template.

You can download this great seasonal christmas blogger template here!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Free Guitar Blogger Template

For those more musically minded this great little guitar themed blogger template over a green background is a great addition to any blog. This stylish artistic guitar blogger template is a fantastic theme for any blogger who is more musically minded.

Personally I wold love to have an artistic blogger template like this, alas I am not as muscally minded as I would like to e so music blogger templates are not really an option for me!

If however you are into your guitar and would like to wriet a blog in or around it this musically minded artistic guitar blogger template is pretty much perfect for you!

You can down load this free guitar themed artistic blogger template Here!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Free Winter Snow Blogger Template

This winter themed blogger template is one that I will soon be installing as my seasonal winter blogger template. It's winter evening background image in the ice blue template colours make this the perfect winter blogger template as the nights draw in.

This winter blogger template is not so much to do with Christmas but instead focuses on the season of winter, it makes you think of being huddled by the fire on a midwinter day.

If you are looking for an artistic winter blogger template go no further than this stunning winter theme!

You can download this fantastic seasonal winter blogger template here!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Free Cityscape Blogger Template

This amazing picture of a city evening helps highlight this free cityscape blogger template. The three columns of this blog, staggered to match the image. The eye catching header image with the staggared columns make this blogger template a great addition to your blog website.

This blogger template has some top page navigation buttons, great for freeing up a bit of sidebar space. The overall layout of this blogger template is eyecatching, unique and striking, I would recommend this template to anyone looking for a cityscape themed blog!

You can download the blogger template here by clicking This Link and copying the text. Replace your current blogger code with this to get your brand new blogger template!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

DFire Autumn Blogger Template

This fantastic free Autumn Blogger Template from DFire shows a dark background covered with the autumn leaves and withering orange leaves. This easy to install two column autumn blogger template is a perfect addition to anyone looking to keep their site in theme with the seasonal changes.

The warm autumnal oranges on this dark blogger template focus on the drawing in of night during the autumn seasons, the images hint towards that time of year when you do not want to leave your bed and would rather just sleep the day through.

I personally rate this as one of my top autumn blogger templates, its professional design mixed with the seasonal fare help maintain this as one of the best autumn blogger templates I have ever seen!

You can download this free warm autumn blogger template Here!

To install this blogger template copy the text and use it to replace the text currently in your html tab of layouts in the blogger dashboard!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Free Halloween Themed Blogger Template

This bright eye catching free spooky Halloween blogger template is a great blogger addition to any blog looking to bring a bit of the festive Halloween spirit onto their blog.

This theme sports a bright pumpkin image on its Halloween design, while the dark purple text colour continues that spooky template theme.

Personally I love the spooky look on my blogs during the dark Halloween season, and this scary blogger template covers it pretty nicely. This dark spooky blogger template is well designed and contains a clean layout for easy navigation over the Halloween period!

You can download this free spooky Halloween blogger template Here!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Free Seasonal Autumn Blogger Theme

This geat little Autumnal Themplate for blogger is a great addition to our collection. This free ustumn blogger template is by far one of my top autumn templates for blogger quite simply because its subdued rusted colours mixed with a clean two column layout keep this blogspot template looking simple and professional.

Personally i think this blogger template fully encapsulates the slowing down that occurs around autumn. The Theme uses subdued and pastel colours to let the blog reader be affected by the same relaxation that would come with walking under the boughs of trees lined with red and orange leaves.

This free autumn themed blogger template is in my eyes perfect for anyone looking to give their blogspot blog that touch of seasonal fare. It atunes the blog to the Autumn season and gives your readers the true feeling that the blog is up to date and cared for.

This Fantastic Free Seasonal Autumn Theme can be downlaoded Here!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Asian Born ello Kitty Free Blogger Template

Hello Kitty, one of the asian markets hottest brands is a world wide Japanese phenomenon. This free two columned hello kitty themed blogger template is a perfect addition to any of those millions looking to show their adoration for the extrememly cute hello kitty brand!

This free hello kitty template for blogger is aesy to install, easy to maintain and can be put up in a matter of seconds, all you have to do is copy the XML file and replace your blogger template code!

This Hello Kitty blogger template is great for a personal blog, and can easily integrate Google Adsense or similair advertising techniques into its sidebar.

You can download this free Hello Kitty themed blogger template here!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Free Hot Air Balloon Blogger Template

This coulorful free two columned blogger template is a great addition for anyone looking for that summer feel. The warm colors of the hot air balloons on the bright blue sky give your blog a friendly summertime vibe!

I quite like this theme, and have considered it for a few of my own blogger websites. The cheerful blogger template design really shouts out at the user and draws them into your content.

The layout is very simplistic which makes this blogger template very easy to install, the template can be downloaded free here!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Match Your Blogger Templates to Free Google Chrome Themes

In recent weeks the new browser Google Chrome has hit the shelves. Initially this fantastic free browser downloadable Here.

When choosing your blogger theme you should consider the default blue layout fo Google Chrome ad how it will integrate with your blog, but please remember you can get hundreds of free Google Chrome Themes. these will not hugeley affect how people view your site, but it is something to bear in mind!

If you are already a Google Chrome user I would like to point you in the direction of a new blog I have created, Free Google Chrome Themes. This new blog is dedicated to bringing you free Google Chrome Themes and clear concise instructions on how to install the themes!

Monday, 29 September 2008

Clean Simple Two Column Blogger Template

This free two column blogger template is ideal for those wishing to have a clean simplistic professional looking blog.

The design of this blogspot template is very minimalistic , but retains that air of exclusiveness that you can only get on the really well designed blogger templates.

I think this great free blogger template is perfect for anyone using blogger to advertise their own services or keep a professional diary!

This business like blogger theme is also available for Wordpress and contains a lot of customisability while still being incredibly easy to install!

You can download this free clean professional blogger template Here!

Friday, 26 September 2008

Dark Vamprire Blogger Template

This dark mysterious blogger template is perfect for anyone looking for a deep, boding design. I have seen this on a few evil, vampire and zombie blogs, as well as those just looking for a more mysterious image.

This blood covered blogger template is simple to install and gives your blog a very atmospheric, frightening look!

This Gothic looking blogger template has been used in a few of my own blogs to do with the dark arts and mysterious happenings. For any Goth, mosher or other person looking to express their emotion this blog is amazing.

If you install this you may want to change the header image, this is doable but will require something similar to work effectively, if you are making one make sure you have some decent graphic design skills under your belt!

o can download this dark blogger template here

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Chritsmas Theme Blogger Template

This aptly named Christmas blogger template is, you guessed it based on Cristmas. The tmplate itself is bright and coloful, decorated in festive holly and given the clean look associated with snow!

As Futurama would say, have a merry xmas and install this great little free christmas blogger template to prepare your blog for the upcoming chritmas season! I have used this festive blog design as one of my seasonal blogger templates and willdefinately be using it again this year!

You can download the christmas themed free blogger template here

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Free Futuristic Technology Blogger Template

This smart looking advanced free blogger template is an ancredibly futuristic looking blogger theme. It is defiantely not for beginners and may take a while for anyone to install, but this three columned free blogger template definately looks the part for any technology or gadget review site.

The Template is Adsense Optimised and has two sets of navigation bars so you can fill this theme with as much content as you can think of, plus with plenty of header space you will have no trouble fitting in your adverts and your content.

You can download this free tech based blogger template here!

Monday, 22 September 2008

Red Adsense Friendly Blogger Template

This red AdSense friendly blogger template is perfect for those bloggers looking to optimise their blog for advertising. While many blogs have a large amount of visitors it is all too common for poor ad placement to significantly reduce their earnings. Fortunately free blog templates like this red themed adsense optimised blogger template are laid out so all yo have to do is insert your own ad code and forget about it.

While I have not personally used this advert optimised blog template I have used a very similar one which gave me a huge boost in profits. By placing Ads in the correct location they are noticed and clicked much more often than normal blogger templates!

You can download this adsense optimised blogger template Here!

Taipei Free Blogger Template

The Taipei is a fantastic Asian cityscape scene, coering a well layed out and simple blogger template.

I love the contrast in this blogger template as you have the sprawling city bordered by towering mountains, kept in perspective by a gigantic tower.

This free blogger templae is fantastic for travelling, oriental or asian blogs, also food blogs from this region would look fantastic with this blogger design!

You can download this great free blogger template Here!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Seasonal Autumn Blogger Template

Leaving is a great autumn themed blogger template with a spacious three columns for your layout needs. The warm header image makes this a perfect comfort blog, helping people to look forwards towards autumn.

The blogger template itself is dead easy to install with no manual editing required.

This three coulum free autumn themed blogger template is easy on the eyes and well layed out, its calm design makes for fantastic reading as the winter weather draws in and the theme itself is well designed for any number of different blog types!

You can download the free leaving autumn blogger template here!

Clean, White & Simple 3 Column Blogger Template

This is on of my favorite free clean blogger templates. Its simple layout and professional white look belay the fact that this also has a great footer, header and sidebar layout that allow you to include a lot of information without cluttering your blog

Because you need to manually change the website code to correctly identify the headers in this blogger template design I would class this as an intermediate level blog, once it is installed however this quick loading blog design, fantastic template layout and clean simple looks make this one of the best free blogger templates available on the internet.

I would suggest this layout for anyone who is looking for a clean blog template to organise a lot of links, pictures and advertisements!

You can download this clean white 3 columned free blogger template Here.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Free Grass Blogger Template

This fantastic free blogger template has a great Grass themed header. Its vivid contrasiting colours make this blogspot template a great choice for many bloggers.

It is a simple two columned blogger design yet with its blended header it allows for real professionalism in you website.

There is not a particular niche that this is good for, but personally I use this on a couple of blogs which are more personal based!

You can download teh Free Grass Blog Template Here!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Adsense and Advert Optimised Blogger Template

Pro Ads is an amazing template for those looking for an advert optimised blog. With several sections optimised for 150 x 150 advertising images (Great if you are selling Ad Spots). The Site itself is clean and simple, ensuring your adverts stand out and get noticed by your views and people looking to advertise on your blog!

I would readily recommend this easy to install and free blogger template for anyone who is looking to monetise a blog while keeping their blog clutter free and professional in appearance.

You can download this advertising optimised blogger template Here!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Mountain Blogger Template - Ice and Winter Sports Design

This winter mountain range template is one of my favorite free blogger templates for winter vacations and sports.

The icy look makes the design of this free blogger template perfect for anyone wanting to start a business blog on winter holidays, winter vactions or winter sports!

This blogger template is very easy to install and has a fantastic clean design, with plenty of space to make amiable reading and enjoyable viewing!

You can download this 100% free mountainous blogger template here!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Batman - The Dark Night Free Blogger Template

Batman - The Dark night is the latest Batman film, hundreds of fan sites have sprung up about the fantastic Batman film and this is by far my favorite Dark Night Design.

This Dark Blog template hold mystery to the reader and compliments teh templates Dark Night banner.

The popularity of this design has sprung up hundreds of Dark Knight blogs, and this teomplate is teh perfect design for any blogger user!

You can download the free Dark Knight blogger template Here!

Friday, 5 September 2008

San Francisco Skyline Blogger Template

This is a great industrial looking free blogger template showing the San Francisco skyline in all its glory is a great design for any city blog that is looking for a new image.

While it is only a two column template it is very easy to install and maintain, making it a perfect blogger template for someone who is inexperienced at web design!

I personally use this design on my San Francisco tourist blog, and would readily recommend it to anyone looking for a cityscape blogger template.

You can download the San Francisco skyline free blogger template here!

Friday, 29 August 2008

Free Jeans Pattern Blogger Template

This great little two columned blogger template has a great Denim Jeans design on the background. The images and patterns around this blog template give it a real well designed look, preserving the professionalism.

I would heavily recommend this blogger template to anyone looking to give their blog a new look, and think it is the perfect blog template for anyone writign a personal, fasion or even celebrity blog!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Free Blogger Sport Template

This two columned free blogger template is great for anyone writing a blog on a multitude of sports. the clean blogger layout and subdued design really let this template shine as an informative helpful blog design.

While this is a great blogger template for many people its bland colours may put some peolpe off, especially if they are looking for an action packed blogger design!

You can download this sporty blogger template Here!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Grungy Blogger Template

This softly coloured arty blogger template follows the grunge style that sent shockwaves through the art world.

This paint splattered two column blogger template has a unique style that I find absolutely fantastic, and its subdued colours belay the passion of the splashed paint around the border.

This simple and yet stunning blog template is in my eyes a great theme for any occasion and if you like what you see I strongly suggest you add this blogger template to your collection!

You can download the Grungy style Blogger Template Here

Friday, 8 August 2008

Cats & Summer Theme Blogger Template

This chilled out summer blogger template is a great three columned blogger template that brings to mind the summer holidays on the spanish coast, cats laid down on stone walls while people relax on the beach watching the sun drop below the horizon.

Personally I cannot think of a better blogger template for the summer season as a warm blend of sea blue and sunset orange blend together seamlessly in this relaxing blogger template!

You can download this great summer themed blogger template Here!

Monday, 4 August 2008

Scroll Blogger Template

This fantastic three column blogger template is a great theme for any historic, past based game or role played blogger.

Its old style faded paper look gives this blog an aged look and an intriguing style and makes this blog a rare but perfect solution for many Bloggers Template needs.

I have to admit I love the scroll look on the blogger template and have used this on a couple of my World of Warcraft websites, this blogspot theme seems to fit perfectly in the historic look of times gone by with its scroll images and old paper background!

You can download the Scroll Themed Blogger Template Here!

Friday, 1 August 2008

Advanced Tech - Bright Stunning Blogger Template

Advanced Tech is a great simple blogger template with a bright eye catching header. While it is only 2 columsn I have a soft spot for this clean yet professional template.

This blogger has easily changeable navigation buttons allong the top to help free up the side bar from clutter, allowing you to include all the extras you need without dwarfing your main posts with two sidebars.

You can download the fantastic Advanced Tech Blogger Template Here!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Stylish Minimal Blogger Template!

This stylish minimal template is a reserved, classy type of blog. It only has two columns and is best kept with minimal sidebar clutter to maintain this blogs styled suave look.

This blog template is perfect for those looking to give themselves an air of professonalism around their work, whether they blog personally or for business.

Its dark colours and well blended colours make this blogger template a perfect edition to a personal blog.

You can Download this free Blogger Template here!

Thursday, 24 July 2008

iPhone Compatible Blogger Template

The iPhone Compatible Blogger Template is for those of you that are looking to make a blog readable by the iPhone or the iPod Touch. this great little blogger template allows your blog to be raed on teh go by any of the millions of iPhone users out there!

The Blogs design itself is clean stylesh and minimalistic allowing for rapid downloading over the iPhones 3G network, as well as giving them the ability to comment on your posts!

If you are trying to market your blog to mobile users rather than internet surfers this blog template is a must!

Even Better for viewers who do find it over the internet teh template has a PC friendly version of the layout, allowing you to put up adverts in its simplistic 2 column layout!

You can download the free iPhone compatable blogger template Here!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Free Photoshop Blogger Template

For those Photoshop nuts out there who like to write and explain about P tools techniques and tutorials I think this clean and elegant free Photoshop template is a great starting point. Its only two columns, but allows you to easily bring in adsense between the left hand navigation bar and the content.

This is one of the better free blogspot templates for those blogger users who are into graphics, design and website creation, simply because the Photoshop feather logo is instinctively recognised by everyone in the business, and a familiar signal for those who are new to the scene. using the photoshop template defiantely gives your website that slight hint of familiarity which can turn a failing blog or website into a success!

it has a great clean layout with the Photoshop 'feather' like logo at the top, to instantly tell your readers they have found the right place! If you are looking for a Photoshop themed blogger template I really think this theme is for you, and it can be downloaded free Here!

Monday, 21 July 2008

Dark Spark - Vivid 2 Columned Blogger Template

Dark Spark is an eye catching Blogger template which, while very simple, uses a light blue on black background contrast to really stand out to anyone who my sumble upon your website.

While the Dark Spark Blogger template is only two columned it makes use of a navigation bar acros the top, giving you space for page navigation and contact me sections without cluttering up your blogs sidebar, where you will no doubt need fourther navigation, links and adverts!

I have personally used this blogger template on a couple of websites, I find it is really good for drawing readers into your blogs content!

You can Download the Free Dark Spark Blogger Template Here!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Charcoal Blogger Template with Three Columns

This Charcoal Blogger Template with three columns is a verry good, professional blog template. This is easy to upload and requires only a little tweaking to change the header navigation buttons , although you will need to know some HTML.

I have to admit I really like the charcoal colour scheme on this blogger template. IT came out a lot better than I thought it would when I first heard about it, the overall effect is very soft and easy on the eyes, though it may cause problems for visually impaired website viewers.

The layout itself is very clean and well styled, allowing for easy organisation to ensure your vistitors can navigate your site easily, and of course see your sdverts that you will undoubtedly want to be clicked upon!

You can download this charcoal blogger template Here!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Dark Minimalistic Four Columned Blogger Template!

The slined four column blogger template brings something to the blogspot world we rarely see. A high quality effective uncluttered four collumn blogger template. This template contains not only header navigation, but also the main blog column, on left column and two right columns.

I abosolutely love this theme for the dynamic changes it provides, allowing you to create some stunning layouts of navigation, information and advertising to create a monetized, well laid out and uncluttered blogger look.

The template is easy to install and even easier to manage, as it is fully compliant with the blogger widget layout editor.

The only downside is to change the header navigation you will need a little HTML knowledge, even that is fairly simple though!

If you want to try out the Four Columned Black Minimalistic Blogger Template you can download it Here!

Monday, 14 July 2008

Colorful Bright Blogger Template

This colorful fresh blogger template is a fantastic easy to manage theme, while some html knowledge is required to change the header links the majority of this template is easy to install and manage.

This is a fantastic bright blogger template designed to grab your readers attention, while it's three columned layout allows you to put a lot of information links and advertising in without cluttering your blog design.

This makes it a great blogger template for commercial use, so if you are making a blog to sell something, or even just monetise with adsense, this blogger design could be a great addition to your website.

YOu can download this clean fresh blogger template Here!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Three Column Autumn Blogger Template

This clean stylish Autumn Blogger template follows a stylish, minimalistic theme.

It has agreat three columned layout with all the rusty oranges and dark reds that people associate with autumn, making this a great seasonal Blogger template.

While it is easy to install this is a rather feminine template, so will require some editing if you wanted to butch it up a little. (Maybe change the pink font :p)

Apart from that I find this a great little template that I have used a couple of times when the summer has come to a close, its clean style and well designed layout make this a fantastic Blogger Template which can be downloaded Here!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Neon Neon Funky Blogger Template

The Neon Neon Template is a funky little number that really will make your Blog stand out from the crowd. I really like the neon neon blogger template simply because it is so different! Whether its the swerving central column, mis-shapen overlapping rectangles I can guarantee that anyone visiting your blogger website will be instantly attracted to this unique eye catching two column blogger template.

This is a great blogger template for personal blogs, blogs for children or for those who just want to be a little different, while it is probably not the best theme for those blogging on a more serious nature I doubt any one would fault you for using this blogger template on your own personal website!

You can download the funky Neon Neon Blogger Template Here!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Clean and Simple Plantilla Minyx Theme

The Minyx Blogger Template is a clean and simple easy to navigate template. The style is refreshingly simple and the blog incorporates easy navigaton and a spacious layout.

This is a two column blogger template, but the well laid out style and header navigation (Which requires some html knowledge to edit) ensures that this blogger template remains completely uncluttered.

While I personally have never used this template on any of my sites I can definately see why it is so popular, this minimalistic blogger theme contains a huge amount of sidebar and header options while somehow maintaining its uncluttered look, it even has a nifty RSS button on the top for any of you feedburner users out there!

You can download a copy of this clean looking template Here!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Mush Blue Arty Blogger Template

The Mush Blogger template is a great addition for any blogger website. It's arty blue design and stylishly shaded light blue colours mix in well with the dark gray background on this blogger template.

I have to admit when I first saw this I was skeptical, however its well laid out colour scheme and design combines with a clean layout allow you to put a lot into this blog without cluttering the site and putting off your readers!

I love this blogger template simply because it is so calm and relaxing, this is one of the most chilled out blogger themes I have seen, and kinda reminds me of when im laid back listening to some hendrix!

You can find the Mush Blue Blogger Template Here!

Heavy Rock Arty Theme

This heavy rock and metal arty themed blogger template looks damn cool while carrying its own air of intrigue.

This dark two columned blogger template contains stylish background artwork, a heavy atmosphered effect and a strange but effective mix of death and art.

Personally I love this blogger theme, it is well designed and the artwork is top notch. The dark style of the template is incredibly effective when mixed with the Arty style and the skull that dominates teh header of the template.

This blogger template is easy to install, requiring only an upload and no additional changes.

You can download this heavy metal theme Here

Monday, 7 July 2008

Agua Stylish and Minimilistic 2 Column Blogger Template

The Agua Two Column Blogger template is a very clean and stylish minimilistic Blogger template. It breaks the usual format by putting the title in teh top right but with a logo so cool that you cannot help but see it.

This two column blogger template is by far one of my favorie two column templates simply because it is so simple it is impossible for visitors to your blog to dislike what they see!

The blog also comes with top browser bars, which require some html knowledge to edit and it is importnt to note that this was written by a none english speaker so there is some guesswork involved when editing!

All in all though I would easily recommend this blogger template to anyone looking for a two column blogger theme!

Personally I love the 'cool and refreshing' look that this blogger template gives, which helps to bring in the stylish, sleek and trustworthy aspects you should always lok for in a blog template!

You can download the Agua Minimilistic Styleish Blogger Theme Here

Contact Me

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About Free and Easy Blogger Templates

I created the Free and Easy Blogger Templates website to create an easy to browse and navigate list off blogger templates that can be installed easily and without fuss. In most cases all you will have to do is copy and paste some text, or maybe download a file and upload it through Blogger.

For each blogger template that I upload I will 'tag' the template so you can browse for whatever kind of blog template you are looking for, whether you want your blog template to be clean and smart or arty and punk.

This website is free to use and all the blogger templates I post about are 100% free to download!

It does not unfortunately pay the bills, so if you want to donate to help make my life a little bit easier I will be putting a link up soon :)

I have in my time written for and created a lot of blogger blogs, this has given me a lot of experience with uploading, modifying and playing about with blogger templates, I hope I can pass some of this knowledge onto visitors of this website who hope to create and modify their own Blogger templates!

Free Blogger Template

The Garland Blogger Template (Also Available for Wordpress is a fantastic little template, and one I have started off with for good reason.

Firstly, it's the blogger template I used for this website!

Secondly, this blogger template has three columns, allowing you to put in all your links, navigation and adverts without cluttering the page

and Thirdly, this blogger template is 100% free!

I absolutely love this blogger template, it is easy on the eyes, has a very calming colour scheme and helps draw the user into it, because it is so simple, so clean and so trustworthy.

I like simple clean templates for both my blogger and wordpress websites, I always find that not only do they look more professional, but they simple blogger templates keep your visitors on your website for longer and for those internet entrepreneurs greatly increases the click through rate for your adverts and products!

The only downside of this template is that some of its images are blocked by website filtering software such as websense, so you may find you need to host the template images elsewhere so it displays correctly for people.

Overall I would heartily recommend this template, the Drupal like theme is tried and tested as being a popular and effective template for blogger, the fact that the author has also released a word press version of this template makes me all the more grateful!

You can download the Blogger and Wordpress Version of this template Here