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Thursday, 30 October 2008

DFire Autumn Blogger Template

This fantastic free Autumn Blogger Template from DFire shows a dark background covered with the autumn leaves and withering orange leaves. This easy to install two column autumn blogger template is a perfect addition to anyone looking to keep their site in theme with the seasonal changes.

The warm autumnal oranges on this dark blogger template focus on the drawing in of night during the autumn seasons, the images hint towards that time of year when you do not want to leave your bed and would rather just sleep the day through.

I personally rate this as one of my top autumn blogger templates, its professional design mixed with the seasonal fare help maintain this as one of the best autumn blogger templates I have ever seen!

You can download this free warm autumn blogger template Here!

To install this blogger template copy the text and use it to replace the text currently in your html tab of layouts in the blogger dashboard!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Free Halloween Themed Blogger Template

This bright eye catching free spooky Halloween blogger template is a great blogger addition to any blog looking to bring a bit of the festive Halloween spirit onto their blog.

This theme sports a bright pumpkin image on its Halloween design, while the dark purple text colour continues that spooky template theme.

Personally I love the spooky look on my blogs during the dark Halloween season, and this scary blogger template covers it pretty nicely. This dark spooky blogger template is well designed and contains a clean layout for easy navigation over the Halloween period!

You can download this free spooky Halloween blogger template Here!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Free Seasonal Autumn Blogger Theme

This geat little Autumnal Themplate for blogger is a great addition to our collection. This free ustumn blogger template is by far one of my top autumn templates for blogger quite simply because its subdued rusted colours mixed with a clean two column layout keep this blogspot template looking simple and professional.

Personally i think this blogger template fully encapsulates the slowing down that occurs around autumn. The Theme uses subdued and pastel colours to let the blog reader be affected by the same relaxation that would come with walking under the boughs of trees lined with red and orange leaves.

This free autumn themed blogger template is in my eyes perfect for anyone looking to give their blogspot blog that touch of seasonal fare. It atunes the blog to the Autumn season and gives your readers the true feeling that the blog is up to date and cared for.

This Fantastic Free Seasonal Autumn Theme can be downlaoded Here!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Asian Born ello Kitty Free Blogger Template

Hello Kitty, one of the asian markets hottest brands is a world wide Japanese phenomenon. This free two columned hello kitty themed blogger template is a perfect addition to any of those millions looking to show their adoration for the extrememly cute hello kitty brand!

This free hello kitty template for blogger is aesy to install, easy to maintain and can be put up in a matter of seconds, all you have to do is copy the XML file and replace your blogger template code!

This Hello Kitty blogger template is great for a personal blog, and can easily integrate Google Adsense or similair advertising techniques into its sidebar.

You can download this free Hello Kitty themed blogger template here!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Free Hot Air Balloon Blogger Template

This coulorful free two columned blogger template is a great addition for anyone looking for that summer feel. The warm colors of the hot air balloons on the bright blue sky give your blog a friendly summertime vibe!

I quite like this theme, and have considered it for a few of my own blogger websites. The cheerful blogger template design really shouts out at the user and draws them into your content.

The layout is very simplistic which makes this blogger template very easy to install, the template can be downloaded free here!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Match Your Blogger Templates to Free Google Chrome Themes

In recent weeks the new browser Google Chrome has hit the shelves. Initially this fantastic free browser downloadable Here.

When choosing your blogger theme you should consider the default blue layout fo Google Chrome ad how it will integrate with your blog, but please remember you can get hundreds of free Google Chrome Themes. these will not hugeley affect how people view your site, but it is something to bear in mind!

If you are already a Google Chrome user I would like to point you in the direction of a new blog I have created, Free Google Chrome Themes. This new blog is dedicated to bringing you free Google Chrome Themes and clear concise instructions on how to install the themes!