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Blogger is one of the worlds leading free to use blogger websites, its new template customizability and widgets layout allow you to easily integrate a free blogger template onto your website with ease.

If you want free blogger themes to install easily onto your blogspot blog then please search by the different catagories on the left. We have organised our templates by everything from number of columns to complexity or artisticness!

Monday, 29 September 2008

Clean Simple Two Column Blogger Template

This free two column blogger template is ideal for those wishing to have a clean simplistic professional looking blog.

The design of this blogspot template is very minimalistic , but retains that air of exclusiveness that you can only get on the really well designed blogger templates.

I think this great free blogger template is perfect for anyone using blogger to advertise their own services or keep a professional diary!

This business like blogger theme is also available for Wordpress and contains a lot of customisability while still being incredibly easy to install!

You can download this free clean professional blogger template Here!

Friday, 26 September 2008

Dark Vamprire Blogger Template

This dark mysterious blogger template is perfect for anyone looking for a deep, boding design. I have seen this on a few evil, vampire and zombie blogs, as well as those just looking for a more mysterious image.

This blood covered blogger template is simple to install and gives your blog a very atmospheric, frightening look!

This Gothic looking blogger template has been used in a few of my own blogs to do with the dark arts and mysterious happenings. For any Goth, mosher or other person looking to express their emotion this blog is amazing.

If you install this you may want to change the header image, this is doable but will require something similar to work effectively, if you are making one make sure you have some decent graphic design skills under your belt!

o can download this dark blogger template here

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Chritsmas Theme Blogger Template

This aptly named Christmas blogger template is, you guessed it based on Cristmas. The tmplate itself is bright and coloful, decorated in festive holly and given the clean look associated with snow!

As Futurama would say, have a merry xmas and install this great little free christmas blogger template to prepare your blog for the upcoming chritmas season! I have used this festive blog design as one of my seasonal blogger templates and willdefinately be using it again this year!

You can download the christmas themed free blogger template here

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Free Futuristic Technology Blogger Template

This smart looking advanced free blogger template is an ancredibly futuristic looking blogger theme. It is defiantely not for beginners and may take a while for anyone to install, but this three columned free blogger template definately looks the part for any technology or gadget review site.

The Template is Adsense Optimised and has two sets of navigation bars so you can fill this theme with as much content as you can think of, plus with plenty of header space you will have no trouble fitting in your adverts and your content.

You can download this free tech based blogger template here!

Monday, 22 September 2008

Red Adsense Friendly Blogger Template

This red AdSense friendly blogger template is perfect for those bloggers looking to optimise their blog for advertising. While many blogs have a large amount of visitors it is all too common for poor ad placement to significantly reduce their earnings. Fortunately free blog templates like this red themed adsense optimised blogger template are laid out so all yo have to do is insert your own ad code and forget about it.

While I have not personally used this advert optimised blog template I have used a very similar one which gave me a huge boost in profits. By placing Ads in the correct location they are noticed and clicked much more often than normal blogger templates!

You can download this adsense optimised blogger template Here!

Taipei Free Blogger Template

The Taipei is a fantastic Asian cityscape scene, coering a well layed out and simple blogger template.

I love the contrast in this blogger template as you have the sprawling city bordered by towering mountains, kept in perspective by a gigantic tower.

This free blogger templae is fantastic for travelling, oriental or asian blogs, also food blogs from this region would look fantastic with this blogger design!

You can download this great free blogger template Here!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Seasonal Autumn Blogger Template

Leaving is a great autumn themed blogger template with a spacious three columns for your layout needs. The warm header image makes this a perfect comfort blog, helping people to look forwards towards autumn.

The blogger template itself is dead easy to install with no manual editing required.

This three coulum free autumn themed blogger template is easy on the eyes and well layed out, its calm design makes for fantastic reading as the winter weather draws in and the theme itself is well designed for any number of different blog types!

You can download the free leaving autumn blogger template here!

Clean, White & Simple 3 Column Blogger Template

This is on of my favorite free clean blogger templates. Its simple layout and professional white look belay the fact that this also has a great footer, header and sidebar layout that allow you to include a lot of information without cluttering your blog

Because you need to manually change the website code to correctly identify the headers in this blogger template design I would class this as an intermediate level blog, once it is installed however this quick loading blog design, fantastic template layout and clean simple looks make this one of the best free blogger templates available on the internet.

I would suggest this layout for anyone who is looking for a clean blog template to organise a lot of links, pictures and advertisements!

You can download this clean white 3 columned free blogger template Here.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Free Grass Blogger Template

This fantastic free blogger template has a great Grass themed header. Its vivid contrasiting colours make this blogspot template a great choice for many bloggers.

It is a simple two columned blogger design yet with its blended header it allows for real professionalism in you website.

There is not a particular niche that this is good for, but personally I use this on a couple of blogs which are more personal based!

You can download teh Free Grass Blog Template Here!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Adsense and Advert Optimised Blogger Template

Pro Ads is an amazing template for those looking for an advert optimised blog. With several sections optimised for 150 x 150 advertising images (Great if you are selling Ad Spots). The Site itself is clean and simple, ensuring your adverts stand out and get noticed by your views and people looking to advertise on your blog!

I would readily recommend this easy to install and free blogger template for anyone who is looking to monetise a blog while keeping their blog clutter free and professional in appearance.

You can download this advertising optimised blogger template Here!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Mountain Blogger Template - Ice and Winter Sports Design

This winter mountain range template is one of my favorite free blogger templates for winter vacations and sports.

The icy look makes the design of this free blogger template perfect for anyone wanting to start a business blog on winter holidays, winter vactions or winter sports!

This blogger template is very easy to install and has a fantastic clean design, with plenty of space to make amiable reading and enjoyable viewing!

You can download this 100% free mountainous blogger template here!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Batman - The Dark Night Free Blogger Template

Batman - The Dark night is the latest Batman film, hundreds of fan sites have sprung up about the fantastic Batman film and this is by far my favorite Dark Night Design.

This Dark Blog template hold mystery to the reader and compliments teh templates Dark Night banner.

The popularity of this design has sprung up hundreds of Dark Knight blogs, and this teomplate is teh perfect design for any blogger user!

You can download the free Dark Knight blogger template Here!

Friday, 5 September 2008

San Francisco Skyline Blogger Template

This is a great industrial looking free blogger template showing the San Francisco skyline in all its glory is a great design for any city blog that is looking for a new image.

While it is only a two column template it is very easy to install and maintain, making it a perfect blogger template for someone who is inexperienced at web design!

I personally use this design on my San Francisco tourist blog, and would readily recommend it to anyone looking for a cityscape blogger template.

You can download the San Francisco skyline free blogger template here!