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Free and Easy Blogger Templates is a website I have founded to bring you the latest and greatest Blogget templates and themes. On this site I have amassed a huge number of my top free blogger templates all avalable for you to download free!

Blogger is one of the worlds leading free to use blogger websites, its new template customizability and widgets layout allow you to easily integrate a free blogger template onto your website with ease.

If you want free blogger themes to install easily onto your blogspot blog then please search by the different catagories on the left. We have organised our templates by everything from number of columns to complexity or artisticness!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Gray Three Column Simple Blogger Template

This amazing simple grey blogger template is a fantastic simple blogger template for your website. It has a large easy to use search bar in the top right, and a top nav bar to avoid cluttering your right hand bars.

If you are looking for a well designed three column blogger template, this could be for you. It's simple layout is great for a stylish blog, or one focusing on simplicity.

You can download this fantastic free simple blogger template Here!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Simple Cat Blogger Template

Decent animal based blogger templates are few and far between. However this simple cat themed blogger template is a great free clean blogger template based around one of the favorite home pets.

This cat blogger template is very easy to install and has a simple three column layout, giving you plenty of space to arrange your blog.

This simple blogger template is perfect for an animal, or personal, blog. It also has plenty of space near he top for a header google advert in this simple blogger template layout!

This free cat blogger template can be downloaded Here!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Listen to the Music Simple Blogger Template

Listen to the music is a clean simple and chilled out blogger template. This free blogger template is perfect for anyone looking to give their blog that simple, easy to read relaxing look!

This clean blogger template really does give your blog a simple but professional look. It only has two columns so does not look cluttered and your blogspot blogs style will remain focused on you!

So if you are looking for a clean simple music blogger template look no further than this awesome simple music blog template!

You can download this free simple music template Here!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Lazy Day Relaxed Blogger Template

The lazy day blogger template is the ultimate free blogger template for the more chilled blogger. It's relaxed color scheme and simple layout combine with a navbar so you don't have to dumb down your blog.

This two column Blogger template really does everything right to ensure the reader instantly feels relaxed. Whether you look at the reclined pereson laying on the beach in the header or the sweet blue pattern background you will soon feel like you are on holiday with this blogger template.

You can get the free lazy day blogger template Here!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Vista 84 Simple Colorful Blogger Template

This brand new template available to download from Beep the Geek is available for download Here

This is an awesome new blogger template which holds a near perfect mix of color and simplicity to ensure that your blogspot blog is both eye catching and easy to navigate.

This free blogger template has a vivid blue theme and has a blank customizable header file for those who want their own logo up at the top.

This free blogger template also ensures ease of navigation, with a handy search box and horizontal navigation bar along the top you can keep your blogger template clean and uncluttered with it's simple layout. This is a new blogger template with custom icons and images, so if you choose this free blogger template for your own blog then you can be pretty sure that your blog will remain unique!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Posh Purple Template

For those of you looking to add a bit of class to your website check out this stylish template, and if you don't like purple then this websites color scheme is fully customizable, while retaining its posh style.

This simple to install stylish three column template can add a lot of class to your blog in this free blogger template. So whether you are trying to promote a classy or stylish blog this free blogger template is perfect to promote what you want to tell to the world!

You can download this free blogger template Here!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Clean Blogger Template

This simple Blogger template is perfect for those of you looking to give a clean theme to your blogger site. This simple two columned blogger template is optimised for readability, and is perfect for those site where there is a lot of tex tto get through.

Sometimes less is more, and I think this fact is only highlighted when you see how professional these simple blogger themes can look. By installinga clean blogger template such as this you are much more likely to retain your visitors as they are not blinded by the complexities found in more intricate themes!

You can download this simple clean blogger template Here!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Beautiful Free Summer Template

If you are looking for a new free summer themed blogger template to highlight your website this could be it. This fantastic free summer blogger template hosts two columns and a great floral header that drapes itself over your main section and sidebar.

The colours themselves look amazing and give a real summer theme to your blogger template, ensuring that your blog looks its best for the summer season.

This is a real easy to install blog template, and with two columns it maintains a clean summer look!

You can download this amazing free blogger template Here!

Monday, 13 April 2009

Summer Blue Butterfly Blogger Template

This stunning blue butterly themed summer blogger template is an amazing three columned template for your blogspot blog. This is a perfect relaxing free blogger template for your personal or business blog during summer. Whether you are running a professional site or updating people with your personal news this great clean summer theme is the perfect match for the coming season!

If you are looking for the perfect summer blogger template I cannot help but point out this summer butterfly theme. Pretty soon I will be putting up some brighter more colorful summer holiday blogger themes for those looking to give their blog a bit more of that summer holiday flavour!

You can download this beuatiful blue butterfly blogger template free here!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Free Easter Blogger Template

Check out this fantastic cartoony Easter Blogger Template. This amazing blogger template gives you a happy sunny feel, with Easter eggs laying on the ground to celebrate the Easter holiday season.

This template is not particularly religious, though Easter is a Christian religious holiday. But instead celebrates the fun childish side of the Easter holiday in this fantastic two column easy to install free Easter blogger template!

This is by far one of my favorite Easter blogger templates simply because of its cartoon like festive feel. You can download this free Easter blogger template Here!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Two Column Simple Blue Template

This simple blue two columned template is a beautiful clean blogger template perfect for those looking to give their blog a clean professional look.

To keep the look of this blogspot theme clean this top blogger template has a simple header theme to keep the sidebars clean.  These can be easily edited in the HTML by searching for each of the titles and editing the link to the page you want.

This beautiful clean two columned blogger theme is one of my favorites, while it is clean it has some wonderful additions that ensure the blogger theme stays professional as well as simple.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Pink Spring Blogger Template

This fantastic Pink Spring Blogger Template is a fantastic pink spring themed template for your blogger. If you are looking for a new lookg or a spring coloring for your new blog then this great easy to install spring blogger template can be yours completely free!

If you are looking for a simple pink flowery spring blogger template for your blogspto blog then this free spring blogger template is perfect for you!

You can download this fantastic pink spring blogger template Here!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Free Spring Wordpress Template

This gorgeous spring wordpress template highlights the first flower of spring, the first hint of greenery on a spring day.

This fantastic three column spring template combines fantastic SEO and ad placements along with a fantastic Spring Design make this my favorite free spring Wordpress Template.
If you are looking for a fresh spring themed Wordpress template to download then look no further than this amazing free three columned spring Wordpress Template. It's clean design and spring images show a refreshing look at the seasonal changes of spring. You can download this fantastic free spring Wordpress template here!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Free Chocolate Blogger Template

If you are want a free chocolate themed blogger template for your blogspot blog this two columned blogger template is perfect for you! 

This free dark brown chocolate themed blogger template is perfect for any chocolate based cooking blog or chocolate dessert fantatics blog!

The chocolate based header image on this awesome free blogger template goes well with the dark chocolate coloured background and text on this great free chocolate themed blogger template!

You can download this free chocolate blogger template here! 

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Valentines Day Free Blogger Template

For those bloggers out there who have met the partner of their dreams and want to do up their blog for a valentines day special check out this fantastic Valentines Day Free Blogger Template!

This free blogger template takes seconds to install and lets you set up your perfect Free valentines day blogger template

This Pink Heart Encrusted blogger template is perfect for those wanting to give their blog that special valentines day feel.  The well designed two column design is great for any amateur blogger looking to spruce up their blog with a new valentines day blogger template!