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Friday, 8 May 2009

Clean Blogger Template

This simple Blogger template is perfect for those of you looking to give a clean theme to your blogger site. This simple two columned blogger template is optimised for readability, and is perfect for those site where there is a lot of tex tto get through.

Sometimes less is more, and I think this fact is only highlighted when you see how professional these simple blogger themes can look. By installinga clean blogger template such as this you are much more likely to retain your visitors as they are not blinded by the complexities found in more intricate themes!

You can download this simple clean blogger template Here!


glee said...

i had been searching over the net for a free blogger template that would satisfy my taste. I've changed my blog's layout for how many times because none of the templates that i used seemed to highlight my content. Until I found this layout. My blog uses a lot of texts and this layout is just perfect. This is the one that I've been looking for. Thank you so much.

Unknown said...

The simple layouts are quite often the best, on some of my own blogs I have been through some templates which have made my work look horrendous, glad I could help though :)

glee said...

yeah, it helped a lot. thanks again. all the best :)

glee said...

Hey Oli, I wonder how I could edit the comment setting of this layout. My layout does not alloe them to comment. Could you suggest ways? thanks :)

اسماعيل said...

i like the theme a lot
but i don't know how to edit some CSS in it
i can't edit titles css and can't translate some words into Arabic coz i can't find it in the xml file

so how to do that .. how to do that