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Blogger is one of the worlds leading free to use blogger websites, its new template customizability and widgets layout allow you to easily integrate a free blogger template onto your website with ease.

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Monday, 17 November 2008

Dark Pink Flower Blogger Template

This fantastic two column free blogger template showing a bright pink flower on a black background sets an eyecatching contrast for your blog. I personally love this fantastic simple blogger template truely because of its simplicity and its loudness, the bright pink flower on a black background really catching the users attention and drawing them into your text, whether its personal or sales.

I use this stunning two column blogger template on blogs where I am looking to attract female visitors, since males are not gereally attracted by pink flowers, on many occasions though I have found this stunning free blogger template hold a lot of attarction and sales power for both sexes. Of course if you are not interested in selling a product this free blogger template still makes a great addition to your website, drawing people in to read about whatever you wish to talk about, with its dark mysterious header!

You Can Download this Free Blogger Template with a Pink Flower on a Black Background Here

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Wooden House Blogger Template

This great free Blogger template shows an old style wooden house with two opened windows. The theme is very low key and subdued making it good for maybe a property blog or a wilderness blog!

This is one of my favorite two column free blogger templates, its relaxing colours and non startling image make anything writter on it a pleasure to read

You can download this Wooden house themed blogger template Here

Monday, 10 November 2008

Bright Thanksgiving Blogger Template

This great free Thanks giving blogger template is a great addition to this site, the bright colors a true match to the festive season.

I love this theme simply because of the background, alternating before and after thanksgiving turkey, I cant help but smile when I see it on this blogger thanksgiving template!

You can download this great thanksgiving blogger template free here!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Maio Feminine Blogger Template

The Maio Blogger Template is a great feminine blogger template for the geek-chick.

Its dark pink and dark grey background give this blogger design a sleek, techy, suave and smart look. This gives any woman's blog an air of sophistication without losing touch with her own personality.

While I don't use this blogger template myself I would recommend this blog design to anyone who is looking for just a touch of femininity in their blog.

This blog is easy to install and has three columns, two on the left hand side providing great navigation and advertising space on your blog!

You can download the free blog template here!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Seasonal Christmas Blogger Template

This top seasonal Christmas blogger template is a fantastic simple christmas template option for your blogspot blog. Many people like to incorporate a seasonal template onto their blog and this one is simple clean and ideal for anyone who wants to get into the festive christmas spirit.

This simple two column christmas blogger template is easy to install and its minimalistic design with a great header image make it perfect for many bloggers looking for a festive blogger template.

You can download this great seasonal christmas blogger template here!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Free Guitar Blogger Template

For those more musically minded this great little guitar themed blogger template over a green background is a great addition to any blog. This stylish artistic guitar blogger template is a fantastic theme for any blogger who is more musically minded.

Personally I wold love to have an artistic blogger template like this, alas I am not as muscally minded as I would like to e so music blogger templates are not really an option for me!

If however you are into your guitar and would like to wriet a blog in or around it this musically minded artistic guitar blogger template is pretty much perfect for you!

You can down load this free guitar themed artistic blogger template Here!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Free Winter Snow Blogger Template

This winter themed blogger template is one that I will soon be installing as my seasonal winter blogger template. It's winter evening background image in the ice blue template colours make this the perfect winter blogger template as the nights draw in.

This winter blogger template is not so much to do with Christmas but instead focuses on the season of winter, it makes you think of being huddled by the fire on a midwinter day.

If you are looking for an artistic winter blogger template go no further than this stunning winter theme!

You can download this fantastic seasonal winter blogger template here!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Free Cityscape Blogger Template

This amazing picture of a city evening helps highlight this free cityscape blogger template. The three columns of this blog, staggered to match the image. The eye catching header image with the staggared columns make this blogger template a great addition to your blog website.

This blogger template has some top page navigation buttons, great for freeing up a bit of sidebar space. The overall layout of this blogger template is eyecatching, unique and striking, I would recommend this template to anyone looking for a cityscape themed blog!

You can download the blogger template here by clicking This Link and copying the text. Replace your current blogger code with this to get your brand new blogger template!