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Monday, 17 November 2008

Dark Pink Flower Blogger Template

This fantastic two column free blogger template showing a bright pink flower on a black background sets an eyecatching contrast for your blog. I personally love this fantastic simple blogger template truely because of its simplicity and its loudness, the bright pink flower on a black background really catching the users attention and drawing them into your text, whether its personal or sales.

I use this stunning two column blogger template on blogs where I am looking to attract female visitors, since males are not gereally attracted by pink flowers, on many occasions though I have found this stunning free blogger template hold a lot of attarction and sales power for both sexes. Of course if you are not interested in selling a product this free blogger template still makes a great addition to your website, drawing people in to read about whatever you wish to talk about, with its dark mysterious header!

You Can Download this Free Blogger Template with a Pink Flower on a Black Background Here