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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Free Spring Wordpress Template

This gorgeous spring wordpress template highlights the first flower of spring, the first hint of greenery on a spring day.

This fantastic three column spring template combines fantastic SEO and ad placements along with a fantastic Spring Design make this my favorite free spring Wordpress Template.
If you are looking for a fresh spring themed Wordpress template to download then look no further than this amazing free three columned spring Wordpress Template. It's clean design and spring images show a refreshing look at the seasonal changes of spring. You can download this fantastic free spring Wordpress template here!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Free Chocolate Blogger Template

If you are want a free chocolate themed blogger template for your blogspot blog this two columned blogger template is perfect for you! 

This free dark brown chocolate themed blogger template is perfect for any chocolate based cooking blog or chocolate dessert fantatics blog!

The chocolate based header image on this awesome free blogger template goes well with the dark chocolate coloured background and text on this great free chocolate themed blogger template!

You can download this free chocolate blogger template here! 

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Valentines Day Free Blogger Template

For those bloggers out there who have met the partner of their dreams and want to do up their blog for a valentines day special check out this fantastic Valentines Day Free Blogger Template!

This free blogger template takes seconds to install and lets you set up your perfect Free valentines day blogger template

This Pink Heart Encrusted blogger template is perfect for those wanting to give their blog that special valentines day feel.  The well designed two column design is great for any amateur blogger looking to spruce up their blog with a new valentines day blogger template!