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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Dark Minimalistic Four Columned Blogger Template!

The slined four column blogger template brings something to the blogspot world we rarely see. A high quality effective uncluttered four collumn blogger template. This template contains not only header navigation, but also the main blog column, on left column and two right columns.

I abosolutely love this theme for the dynamic changes it provides, allowing you to create some stunning layouts of navigation, information and advertising to create a monetized, well laid out and uncluttered blogger look.

The template is easy to install and even easier to manage, as it is fully compliant with the blogger widget layout editor.

The only downside is to change the header navigation you will need a little HTML knowledge, even that is fairly simple though!

If you want to try out the Four Columned Black Minimalistic Blogger Template you can download it Here!