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Monday, 7 July 2008

Free Blogger Template

The Garland Blogger Template (Also Available for Wordpress is a fantastic little template, and one I have started off with for good reason.

Firstly, it's the blogger template I used for this website!

Secondly, this blogger template has three columns, allowing you to put in all your links, navigation and adverts without cluttering the page

and Thirdly, this blogger template is 100% free!

I absolutely love this blogger template, it is easy on the eyes, has a very calming colour scheme and helps draw the user into it, because it is so simple, so clean and so trustworthy.

I like simple clean templates for both my blogger and wordpress websites, I always find that not only do they look more professional, but they simple blogger templates keep your visitors on your website for longer and for those internet entrepreneurs greatly increases the click through rate for your adverts and products!

The only downside of this template is that some of its images are blocked by website filtering software such as websense, so you may find you need to host the template images elsewhere so it displays correctly for people.

Overall I would heartily recommend this template, the Drupal like theme is tried and tested as being a popular and effective template for blogger, the fact that the author has also released a word press version of this template makes me all the more grateful!

You can download the Blogger and Wordpress Version of this template Here


Susan Wymola said...

Help..I uploaded this free Garland blog template, and now the problem I'm having is the customizing option is not at the top of my blog anymore..I can't add gadgets or anything..Can you tell me what to do?

thanks..Susan Wymola

Susan Wymola said...

Scratch the last comment..i am not computer savvy enough to use these templates...thanks for your time anyway..
I'll go back to my old one..