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Monday, 4 August 2008

Scroll Blogger Template

This fantastic three column blogger template is a great theme for any historic, past based game or role played blogger.

Its old style faded paper look gives this blog an aged look and an intriguing style and makes this blog a rare but perfect solution for many Bloggers Template needs.

I have to admit I love the scroll look on the blogger template and have used this on a couple of my World of Warcraft websites, this blogspot theme seems to fit perfectly in the historic look of times gone by with its scroll images and old paper background!

You can download the Scroll Themed Blogger Template Here!


Madeleine said...

I intended to use this on my site but then one of my fellow blogger friends nabbed it.

Can you suggest anything similar? I want something toned, at least 3 columns that would fit with a thinking/philosopy/historic/academic blog.